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Buying a boat

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Paul has always been telling me that boats, or more precisely sailing is just the best! I during the years we been together been quite adamant on that a boat is like a camper but for the sea. And I am not interested. Don´t remember when this changed really, but I know I started to think about how great it would be to be able to be out more and I do really love the sea. Also like simple living, just having a few things, no requirements on dress code or makeup and disconnecting from the normal world for a while. 

So, summer of 2018 we started to discuss what kind of boat we wanted to have and by September we were out looking. For Paul´s peace of mind, and because I haven´t really sailed ever, we did go on a sailing course together before spending the money. Wanted to give me a chance to get a feel for it and if needed, pull the break on our big plan.

With me, all or nothing is the way I do thigs so after being on the course and loving it, there was basically no need to wait or think more about it, we were buying a boat.

As a compromise between size, comfort and price we decided on a Bavaria 33 Cruiser. The boat is 10.65 m long and 3.48 m wide and feels very roomy. The one we bought also came with all the basic equipment we think we need to start with.

Sadly I did not get to sail it before it was put on land for the winter so have eagerly awaited spring and getting it back in the water. This summer is all about getting to know the boat and practicing sailing and more importantly mooring. That I do find beyond scary to be honest. Especially in tight crowded harbour.

Is this the Supersara as the boat is called the perfect boat, perhaps not, would like a teak deck for example but I do think she is a good start and hopefully a great teacher for me.

That is our boat buying story, very well in line with that should not wait with things that you think will make you happy.

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