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First big sail (ever)

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Sailing from Instön to Skagen on Sunday 7th of July. Distance approx. 33 nm, duration 8.5 hours.

Up until the last couple of days before starting the holiday we were unsure about where to go. After discussion with people at work, inspiration hit and we decided to go for a Denmark passage. To be honest, this felt a bit nerve wracking, considering how little sailing we had done, or at least I have done. But, the idea of doing some long distance sailing, rather than focusing on navigation, as when being on the Swedish west coast, was just to tempting

Instön in Seden to Skagen in Denmark

After a week of hectic last minute prep, because we both sadly are only effective under pressure, we were ready to go on Saturday the 6th of July. The weather did not agree with these plans however and we spent the day in our home harbor, pottering around the boat and watching the rain pouring down outside.

Finally, early Sunday morning, after a sleepless night, we were off. The sun was shining and everything felt great. Leaving Marstrand behind us we din realize that we had a problem though, there was almost no wind. The boat was barely getting up to 2 kn with main and genoa up. We did discuss back and forth if turning north and following the Swedish coast was a better idea, but decided to trust that the wind would come eventually. With just us two onboard (i.e. no kids to worry about) and plenty of food we reasoned that there a worse things that a slow sail in the sun.

The sleepless night caught up with me after about two hours and a started to feel a bit rough and cold and eventually fell asleep in the cockpit. Slept like a baby with Paul even using the winch behind me. When waking up I found that the boat was now, due to some excellent trimming, doing an average of 4 kn wind coming from the side, both sails looking fantastic.

Rest of the trip went remarkably smooth, waves not to high and wind holding. The feeling of losing Sweden behind us, no land as far as the eye can see, only accompanied by other boats in the distance and the birds. Absolute bliss J. Did also see a purpose swimming not far from the boat, always an exciting.

Arriving in Skagen we found the harbor absolutely packed (as expected) but were really lucky and found a place at an outer dock where there was still a few places left, even next to the dock. In Sweden we have felt that our 33 ft:er (actually a 34.9 ft if you look at the boat length) is big, arriving in Skagen, we felt tiny next to all the 45+ ft boats. Our tiny size proved to have its advantages. We squeezed in between two other moored boats, and as other boats came in and moored next to our bigger neighbours we were soon the only boat left with no other next to it.

Moored at Skagen marina

Mooring in this busy harbour we found quite entertaining, got to experience some impressive maneuvering and useful trix in how to get big boats into small spaces. Also really friendly and helpful neighbours from Norway, Sweden and Denmark giving advice and inspiration. Met a family with 2 small kids that was just starting there 2:nd around the world sail. Really hope that will be us one day (minus the small kids J).

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