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Downwind cruising, a complicated mooring and a quiet harbour

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Tuesday 9th of July , Skagen to Strandby, approx.. 21 nautical miles

After a day exploring Skagen and touristing the most northern tip of Denmark with Skagerrak and Kattegat meeting we continued to Strandby based on recommendation saying that this would be a very calm, not so touristy harbor and a god stop after Skagen.

The sail down was just lovely, wind from behind and cruising on the genoa the whole way. We did contemplate and prepared for getting the cruising chute up but did not have time in the end.

We had read about the entrance to Strandby being subject to silting and that the channel in would be quite narrow so put the motor on to make the entry.

Coming into the harbour we found that it was indeed very quiet with many berths available. I did think that the size of the births was the biggest I have seen so far but did not think it would cause a problem, surely our lines would be long enough?

Going in now first the poles at the stern was just too wide apart and too far out so the rope we attached on the way in was just not going to work. Paul did some quick knotting to lengthen the rope while I tried to attach the bow. Also proved difficult since I was struggling to get the boat to lined up so both the ropes could be attached properly.

After some stressful commotion, with the boat finally in place we concluded that we needed one mire stern line and a better solution for the quick-fix solution made on the other line. Jumping in the water, in 14.5 degrees and a lot of nettles was not tempting.

Better solution was to inflate the dingy that we has stored away until the kids come onboard next week. Lowered it into the water from the dock and used a line to pull it to the back of the boat. Soon stern lines was safely attached as should be and we were super happy that we has managed to solve the issue without an unwanted swim.

Strandby proved to be very quiet, too quite. It is just not pretty enough to fall into the scenic category so sorry to say for us it just felt dull. Will not stop there again. We did have a nice walk on the beach the next morning, chance to give the boat a clean and to get fully into our books so no a complete disaster in the end.

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