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No wind travel and a toilet breakdown

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Sailing from Strandby to Läsö, Thursday 11th of July,

As with all travel days so far we woke up very early and started to get ready, wanted to get going to Läsö since we heard that the harbours would be very busy and we did not want to get there too late in the day. After checking all available weather services, we however realized that this would be a motoring today, if we did not wanted the trip to take forever.

By the time this was done it was 7.30 in the morning, still a good time to go but a bit behind schedule. As we had expected we had 1-2 kn wind the whole way and we did not bother putting up the sails and instead did some calm motoring all the way. Not as peaceful, or fun as sailing but figured that it was good to give the engine some exercise anyway.

Debated a bit back and forth if the fuel we had would be enough, agreed that since we don´t know the boat and haven’t run the engine during any longer periods we needed to fuel up before leaving. After a few calls where I tried to understand what the other person was saying in Danish (absolutely impossible if you ask med) we got some help from the harbourmaster to fill up the tank.

Toilet pump handle broken

During this calm passage the toilet pump handle broke. Thanks to Gooogle and some support from the tourist information we managed to find a boat VVS person at Läsö. Ole Klitgaard at OK Teqnik was extremely helpful but getting the spare part delivered to Läsö would just take too long for us to get the repair done there. We decided to alter our travel plan and that we would go to Fredrikshamn to pick up the spare part after Läsö instead of continuing south to Anholt.

Back to when we arrived to the island: In Västerö Havn we found it indeed to be really busy, and quite narrow between the rows of boats already moored. Paul took over the steering since I still get uncomfortable when I need to handle the boat in narrow places. Going in we did drive into one of the fixed stern lines that, to be fair, was stretching very far out. We did pull quite hard in a few other boats but by quickly turning off the propeller and letting the boat glide out again we were free.

At the exact same spot we did see other boats getting caught, one of them even tangling there propeller. Feels good knowing we have wet suit and snorkel ready if this happened to us.

Busy harbour

We did get into a really good spot in the end, the afternoon and evening sun on the cockpit and a great view of the hotels/restaurants on the small hill above. In the evenings a cover band was playing at one of the restaurants so we sat out, watching the sun go down and enjoying the live music every night. Definitely going back to Läsö again, perhaps taking the kids next time, they will love it.

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