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Testing our limits on the way back to Sweden

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Sailing from Fredrikshamn in Denmark to Hönö in Sweden on Tuesday 16th of July.

After visiting Läsö, staying three nights, enjoying the island and foremost the cozy harbour we needed to go to Fredrikshamn to get a new toilet pump. The sail to and mooring in Fredrikshamn marina, was easy and uneventful, the harbour feeling rather isolated. I did get a bit of anxiety after leaving the busy Läsö that I really enjoyed and ending up somewhere that felt this dead. As usual, after the initial meltdown it turned out to be a good stop in the end. We got a good night sleep to the sound of waves against the breakwater behind us and also met some work friends of Paul´s that had decided to stop for repair and cleaning of their boats as well.

A grey Fredrikshamn

After the repair work was done we prepared for sailing home to Sweden, thinking we could spend the last days in the southern archipelago before going back to Gothenburg to pick up the kids. Perhaps just a proof of recklessness but we did not think winds of 12 m/s and 1.5 m average waves sounded that bad so we happily left Fredrikshamn, feeling that this would be a fun sail with a bit more action that our last passage.

It turned out to be fun….but also exhausting and stressful. The wind and waves just keep building during the morning and by early afternoon we were reefing sails and doing our best not to be washed over by the waves.

This might still have been OK if I hadn´t pulled my shoulder. I hurt it for the first time already back in May and now managed to make it worse by holding on in the boat so Paul had to do all the steering, with me whimpering in pain the last two hours.

We had plans to go to Vinga but with the wind and me hurt we wanted a “real” harbour and possibly a place where one could get some medical attention. Best chose was a stop at Hönö, big enough to match our requirements and I also have friend living there if we would need a car.

Can´t even express how nice it was to get out of the wind after 8 hours and getting the boat tied up and secured next to the dock, such a relief. My shoulder was by now aching a bit less, even if still preventing me from using my left arm properly, so we decided to try to relax, get some food and a good night´s sleep.

Best ever vegan pizza!!!

Turned out to be just the place to get some well-deserved junk food. As vegans we can´t always rely on fast food places to provide us with something to eat but the Hönö Pizzeria have a vegan option on the menu. This, even more than the location will for sure make this a reoccurring stop on the way home after any Denmark trip J

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