No wind travel and a toilet breakdown

Sailing from Strandby to Läsö, Thursday 11th of July, As with all travel days so far we woke up very early and started to get ready, wanted to get going to Läsö since we heard that the harbours would be very busy and we did not want to get there too late in the day. […]

First big sail (ever)

Sailing from Instön to Skagen on Sunday 7th of July. Distance approx. 33 nm, duration 8.5 hours. Up until the last couple of days before starting the holiday we were unsure about where to go. After discussion with people at work, inspiration hit and we decided to go for a Denmark passage. To be honest, […]

Buying a boat

Paul has always been telling me that boats, or more precisely sailing is just the best! I during the years we been together been quite adamant on that a boat is like a camper but for the sea. And I am not interested. Don´t remember when this changed really, but I know I started to […]