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Is It Vegan?

Things you might want to watch out for There are some products that you would never think aren’t vegan. Sometimes it almost feels like companies have made it into a sport to find ways to incorporate animal derivatives in their products. For someone like me, that is trying to be strict on supporting vegan brands […]

Why are you Vegan?

This is a question I, and I am sure all vegans, get a lot. Often I don’t know what to say. Not because I don’t know why, but because I don’t know how to explain my conviction and feelings about it in a good way. It’s like trying to explain the theory of relativity in […]

A brand New Year

[English] My first post, I am a bit nervous, even if I assume very few will actually read it 😊. In January 2019, I and my partner (and the kids when they are at ours) celebrate one year as vegan – thus not eating, wearing or using animals. Before this, we were on-off vegetarian for several years. […]