About Me

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A just turned 40 (scary!!!!) “normal” vegan living in Sweden. I have a family a corporate job and a keen interest in food and health.

At the same time as trying to juggle the challenges of life, me and my partner try our best to do our part in saving the world and make sure it will still be here for our kids to grow up in. A guess we aspire to be kind of modern day superheroes 😉.

I decided to start this blog because I felt a need to express more about my thoughts on veganism, life and the world. Thoughts on politics will be mixed with food recipes and vegan life lessons. I really hope you will find it interesting and don’t hesitate to leave a comment or contact me trough the blog or other social media channels.

All what is written on this blog is based on my own conclusions and opinions. I have an engineering degree in physics, thus I am not an expert in nutrition or climatology. I am however, in my view at least, a rational thinking person with an ability to draw common sense conclusions.

Me not wanting to have my picture taken…

I might be mixing Swedish and English on this blog. Using Swedish would make more sense, being my first language and all, but I have been living and working with English for so many years now so for some topics it seems more natural. Let´s see where creativity takes me….

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